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There is a counter intuitive method behind every great Real Estate Investor’s success. New investors focus all of their time and energy finding their first deal. But even if they close that first deal, it doesn’t matter, because immediately after, they’re back to square one:

  • Weak (or nonexistent) network of buyers and sellers.
  • Lack of an effective lead generation system.
  • Not leveraging available marketing properly.
  • Burning all of their energy on low profit areas of their business.
Real Estate System


The difference between having a part-time Real Estate hobby, and a fulltime Real Estate business, comes down to creating systems within your business.

Systems ensure that you won’t do a deal without proof that it will turn a profit.

Real Estate Courses


Real Estate education NEVER shows you how to grow your business progressively over time. Most Real Estate “courses” lead you to believe that once you close one or two deals, the floodgate will open.

Why should I order the Complete Dealflow System Today?

Instead of waiting for deals, wouldn’t it be better for deals to be waiting for you? In just 5 short years we have done well over 100 deals (and we had to create this system!)


There are 4 areas of focus that you absolutely need to streamline in your Real Estate business in order for you to succeed:


  1. Your business setup
  2. Your marketing (or DEALFLOW)
  3. Analysis and negotiation
  4. Closing the deal

The stronger focus you give to these 4 areas, the bigger and stronger your business. This course goes into insane detail exactly how to develop each system, so that you close your first deal as quickly as possible, and continue closing deals like clockwork.

Nick Aalerud
  • Informative! Helpful! Life Changing! Although I am not an investor or wholesaler, Dealflow jump started my stagnant career as a real estate agent. I was on fire after completing the program! One day I recall looking up from desk and counting the MLS Listing Sheets taped to my wall. There were 16! These were not closed deals, all in active or pending status. As I closed one out, it was always replaced with another. After having to take almost 13 months off from marketing due to a personal responsibility, it was getting difficult for me to get back in the saddle...I had not lost my motivation but I had forgotten how important having all my systems in place AND doing them! "Shut Up and Do It" is Nick's mantra and I have adopted it. Out of all the real estate books I have, I took out the Complete Deal Flow along with a massive binder of my own notes and began to implement once again. If the course was being offered today, I would take it again as a refresher which says a lot as I worked for a large real estate franchise that offers a lot of training but I found myself reaching for Deal Flow when I needed a reminder of where and how to get back in the game.

    Cheryl Dwyer, Weymouth, MA

  • Nick not only provided the detailed refresher I was looking for, he also provided brand new ideas that I had not heard from any instructor of real estate investing, and was uplifting and inspiring as well.

    Gabriele Michaels

    — Blue Angel Real Estate Solutions, Inc. - Glastonbury, CT

  • Great program for people interested in real estate and business. Nick is a very good teacher and actually does what he teaches. Great course.

    Dan Gallagher

    — Blue Angel Real Estate Solutions, Inc. - Glastonbury, CT

  • This is the best decision I've made so far in my real estate career.  I will recommend this wholesaling workshop to anyone that is interested in becoming a wholesaler.

    Loyd Frazier

    Lead QA Engineer — Fidelity Investments - Merrimack, NH

  • I felt that the one day training had tons of content.  I've attended many seminars in the past and feel that AAREMentor was able to get a three day seminar compressed into one day.  Of course, you guys were able to do so because you weren't "pitching" us to buy other courses and programs that you offer. VERY REFRESHING

    Gordon Thornton

    Lead QA Engineer — Fidelity Investments - Merrimack, NH

  • Nick has done an exhaustive step by step approach to building a successful wholesaling business. Now the responsibility is on us to perform the tasks that we, who took the course, can be a success. Those of us who took this course have no reason not to be successful. I believe we have all been given the tools to do so.

    Joe Mendola

    — New Hampshire Real Estate Investor's Association (2012 - 2013)

    Joe Mendola
  • It's so easy to follow along with...someone who could walk into that seminar and just know 3 words, "real estate investing," and I'm convinced that they can walk out being able to wholesale a deal.

    Cheryl Dwyer

    — Short Sales By Cheryl

    Cheryl Dwyer
  • I learned so much.  I have no experience as an investor.  I'm really glad I took this training because I walked away understanding what wholesaling is.  This way I make a commitment with my eyes wide open before I start.  As a property manager the information about rentometer was extremely helpful.

    Deb Desseault

    — First Taunton Group - Taunton, MA

    Deb Desseault
  • I learned a lot and gained a tone of new knowledge and confidence in myself when it comes to Real Estate.  I had fun and I am looking forward to learning more as I progress in the business.

    Nick Dallaire

    Owner — Newland Property Solutions - Boston, MA

    Nick Dallaire
  • The program is very detailed and easy to follow. Thank goodness! Still chasing first deal but I'm confident I will get it with this program.

    John Gibson

    Project Manager — Hampstead, NH

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